Guedes, Beatriz F. S.

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Guedes, Beatriz F. S.
Guedes, Beatriz F. S.
Guedes, B. F. S.
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UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Jul-2023LPS-induced mitochondrial dysfunction regulates innate immunity activation and α-synuclein oligomerization in Parkinson's diseaseEsteves, A. Raquel ; Silva, Diana F. F. ; Banha, Diogo ; Candeias, Emanuel ; Guedes, Beatriz ; Cardoso, Sandra M. articleopenAccess
25-May-2023Rivastigmine-Benzimidazole Hybrids as Promising Multitarget Metal-Modulating Compounds for Potential Treatment of Neurodegenerative DiseasesVicente-Zurdo, David; Brunetti, Leonardo; Piemontese, Luca; Guedes, Beatriz ; Cardoso, Sandra M. ; Chavarria, Daniel ; Borges, Fernanda; Madrid, Yolanda; Chaves, Sílvia; Santos, M. AméliaarticleopenAccess
315-Feb-2023The Role of a Candidate microRNA in Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Inflammatory Responses in vitro: Relevance to Parkinson's DiseaseGuedes, Beatriz Fernanda da Silva masterThesisembargoedAccess
43-May-2023The Impact of microRNAs on Mitochondrial Function and Immunity: Relevance to Parkinson's DiseaseGuedes, Beatriz F. S. ; Cardoso, Sandra M. ; Esteves, A. Raquel articleopenAccess