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Simões, Susana
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Intracellular delivery of more than one protein with spatio-temporal controlLino, Miguel M. ; Simões, Susana ; Pinho, Sónia ; Ferreira, Lino articleopenAccess
221-Apr-2020A light-triggerable formulation to control the stability of pro-angiogenic transcription factor hypoxia inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α)Blersch, Josephine; Francisco, Vitor ; Rebelo, Catarina; Jiménez-Balsa, Adrián ; Antunes, Helena; Pinto, Sandra; Simões, Susana ; Rai, Akhilesh ; Ferreira, Lino articleopenAccess
314-Nov-2019A light-triggerable nanoparticle library for the controlled release of non-coding RNAsJosephine, Blersch; Vitor, Francisco; Rebelo, Catarina; Adrian, Jimenez-Balsa; Antunes, Helena; Carlo, Gonzato; Pinto, Sandra; Simões, Susana ; Klaus, Liedl; Karsten, Haupt; Ferreira, LinoarticleopenAccess
45-Jun-2018Modulation of Angiogenic Activity by Light-Activatable miRNA-Loaded NanocarriersLino, Miguel M. ; Simões, Susana ; Vilaça, Andreia ; Antunes, Helena ; Zonari, Alessandra ; Ferreira, Lino articleopenAccess
5Feb-2023A Polymeric Nanoparticle Formulation for Targeted mRNA Delivery to FibroblastsRodrigues, Artur Filipe ; Rebelo, Catarina ; Simões, Susana ; Paulo, Cristiana ; Pinho, Sónia A. ; Francisco, Vitor ; Ferreira, Lino articleopenAccess
626-May-2021Therapeutic Nanoparticles for the Different Phases of Ischemic StrokeBernardo-Castro, Sara; Albino, Inês ; Barrera-Sandoval, Ángela María; Tomatis, Francesca ; Sousa, João André; Martins, Emanuel; Simões, Susana ; Lino, Miguel ; Ferreira, Lino ; Sargento-Freitas, João articleopenAccess