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Ramalho, José S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Impact of anti-PLK1 siRNA-containing F3-targeted liposomes on the viability of both cancer and endothelial cellsGomes-da-Silva, Lígia C. ; Ramalho, José S. ; Lima, M. C. P. de ; Simões, Sérgio ; Moreira, João N. articleopenAccess
22007The Ternary Rab27a-Myrip-Myosin VIIa Complex Regulates Melanosome Motility in the Retinal Pigment EpitheliumLopes, Vanda S. ; Ramalho, José S. ; Owen, Dylan M. ; Karl, Mike O. ; Strauss, Olaf ; Futter, Clare E. ; Seabra, Miguel C. articleopenAccess
3Sep-2012Towards a siRNA-containing nanoparticle targeted to breast cancer cells and the tumor microenvironmentGomes-da-Silva, Lígia C. ; Santos, Adriana O. ; Bimbo, Luís M. ; Moura, Vera ; Ramalho, José S. ; Lima, Maria C. Pedroso de ; Simões, Sérgio ; Moreira, João N. articleopenAccess