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Duxbury, Nancy
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Animation of public space through the arts: toward more sustainable communitiesDuxbury, Nancy bookclosedAccess
22014Artistic Intervention Projects and Cultural Memory: Experiences from Portugal's Centre RegionCarvalho, Cláudia Pato ; Duxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
32011Christian Pagh e Ida Vestedal (orgs.), Changing Metropolis: Introducing Artistic and Cultural Actions in City MakingDuxbury, Nancy reviewopenAccess
42018Creative tourism development in small cities and rural areas in Portugal: Insights from start-up activitiesDuxbury, Nancy ; Silva, Silvia ; Castro, Tiago Vinagre de bookPartopenAccess
52018Creative tourism: Catalysing artisan entrepreneur networks in rural PortugalBakas, Fiona Eva ; Duxbury, Nancy ; Castro, Tiago Vinagre de articleopenAccess
62017CREATOUR: Creative Tourism Destination Development in Small Cities and Rural AreasDuxbury, Nancy conferenceObjectopenAccess
72014Cultural governance in sustainable citiesDuxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
82015Cultural MappingDuxbury, Nancy otheropenAccess
92015Cultural Mapping as Cultural InquiryDuxbury, Nancy ; Garrett-Petts, W.F. ; MacLennan, David bookclosedAccess
102015Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry: Introduction to an Emerging Field of PracticeDuxbury, Nancy ; Garrett-Petts, W. F. ; MacLennan, David bookPartopenAccess
112017Cultural projects, public participation, and small city sustainabilityFerreira, Isabel ; Duxbury, Nancy bookPartopenAccess
12Jan-2014Culture and sustainability: How new ways of collaboration allow us to re-think our citiesDuxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
132016Culture in urban development policies: An agenda for local governmentsDuxbury, Nancy ; Baltà, Jordi ; Hosagrahar, Jyoti ; Pascual, Jordi bookPartopenAccess
142015Culture in, for and as Sustainable Development: Conclusions from the COST Action IS1007 Investigating Cultural SustainabilitySoini, Katriina ; Battaglini, Elena ; Birkeland, Inger ; Duxbury, Nancy ; Fairclough, Graham ; Horlings, Lummina ; Dessein, Joost reportopenAccess
15Sep-2010Culture, Sustainability, and communities: exploring the mythsJeannotte, M. Sharon ; Duxbury, Nancy workingPaperopenAccess
162018Development of rural areas and small cities through creative tourism: The CREATOUR projectBakas, Fiona Eva ; Duxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
172012Em torno da cidade criativaDuxbury, Nancy ; Fortuna, Carlos ; Bandeirinha, José António ; Peixoto, Paulo articleopenAccess
182015European cities as cultural projects: Where is culture in urban sustainability policy?Duxbury, Nancy bookPartopenAccess
192012Experts and amateurs in the development of integrated community sustainability plans: Linking culture and sustainabilityJeannotte, M. Sharon ; Duxbury, Nancy articleopenAccess
202013Global cultural governance policyDuxbury, Nancy ; Jeannotte, M. Sharon bookPartopenAccess