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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Feb-2014Benchmark of swarm robotics distributed techniques in a search taskCouceiro, Micael S. ; Vargas, Patricia A. ; Rocha, Rui P. ; Ferreira, Nuno M. F. articleopenAccess
22014Desarrollo de un robot móvil compacto integrado en el middleware ROSAraújo, André; Portugal, David Bina Siassipour ; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Sales, Jorge; Rocha, Rui P. articleopenAccess
32014Dynamical Stability and Predictability of Football Players: The Study of One MatchCouceiro, Micael Santos ; Clemente, Filipe M. ; Martins, Fernando M. L. ; Machado, José A. Tenreiro articleopenAccess
4Feb-2016Estudo Hidrodinâmico de um veículo subaquáticoCristóvão, Tiago Filipe CostamasterThesisopenAccess
510-Apr-2014Evolutionary Robot Swarms Under Real-World ConstraintsCouceiro, Micael Santos doctoralThesisopenAccess
62021Golf-Putting Performance in Skilled Golfers at Different Distances to the HoleDias, Gonçalo ; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Mendes, Pedro ; Gomes, Ricardo ; Mendes, Rui Sousa ; Vaz, Vasco ; Martins, Fernando ; Gama, José ; Castro, Maria António articleopenAccess
72023Handball Offensive Analysis: Comparative Evolution of Linear Tendency Lines between Finalist Teams in the EHF CLVaz, Vasco ; Ferrari, Willian Roque ; Sarmento, Hugo ; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Sousa, Tiago ; Dias, Gonçalo articleopenAccess
82021Improving the robustness of a service robot for continuous indoor monitoring: An incremental approachPortugal, David ; Araújo, André G; Couceiro, Micael Santos articleopenAccess
92014Intelligent systems for analyzing soccer games: The weighted centroidClemente, Filipe M. ; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Martins, Fernando Lourenço ; Mendes, Rui Sousa; Figueiredo, António José articleopenAccess
102014A network approach to characterize the teammates' interactions on football: a single match analysisClemente, Filipe M. ; Martins, Fernando Manuel Lourenço ; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Mendes, Rui Sousa; Figueiredo, António José articleopenAccess
115-Jun-2023NR5G-SAM: A SLAM Framework for Field Robot Applications Based on 5G New RadioKarfakis, Panagiotis T.; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Portugal, David articleopenAccess
122022The re-organization of action in golf putting under different taskconstraintsVaz, Vasco ; Martins, Fernando ; Mendes, Rui ; Gama, José ; Davids, Keith; Araújo, Duarte; Dias, Gonçalo ; Couceiro, Micael Santos articleopenAccess
1327-May-2020Using Artificial Intelligence for Pattern Recognition in a Sports ContextRodrigues, Ana Cristina Nunes; Pereira, Alexandre Santos; Mendes, Rui Manuel Sousa; Araújo, André Gonçalves ; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Figueiredo, António José articleopenAccess
1429-Mar-2015Using network metrics in soccer: a macro-analysisClemente, Filipe Manuel ; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Martins, Fernando Manuel Lourenço; Mendes, Rui SousaarticleopenAccess
152014Using network metrics to investigate football team players' connections: A pilot studyClemente, Filipe M. ; Couceiro, Micael Santos ; Martins, Fernando Manuel Lourenço ; Mendes, Rui SousaarticleopenAccess