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Morais, P. V.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11996Computer-aided comparison of protein electrophoretic patterns for grouping and identification of heterotrophic bacteria from mineral waterFerreira, A. C. ; Morais, P. V. ; Gomes, C. ; Costa, M. S. da articleopenAccess
22002Diversity of chromium-resistant and -reducing bacteria in a chromium-contaminated activated sludgeFrancisco, R. ; Alpoim, M. C. ; Morais, P. V. articleopenAccess
32013Identification and Characterization of the Transcriptional Regulator ChrB in the Chromate Resistance Determinant of Ochrobactrum tritici 5bvl1Branco, Rita ; Morais, P. V. articleopenAccess
42013Nematicidal Bacteria Associated to Pinewood Nematode Produce Extracellular ProteasesPaiva, Gabriel ; Proença, Diogo Neves ; Francisco, Romeu ; Veríssimo, P. ; Santos, Susana S. ; Fonseca, Luís ; Abrantes, I. M. O. ; Morais, P. V. articleopenAccess
5May-2014Virulence factors and infection ability of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from a hydropathic facility and respiratory infectionsPereira, S G ; Rosa, A C ; Ferreira, A S ; Moreira, L M ; Proença, D N ; Morais, P V ; Cardoso, O. articleopenAccess