CISUC - UID/CEC/00326/2020

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CISUC - UID/CEC/00326/2020


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116-Mar-2021Heart rate variability analysis for the identification of the preictal interval in patients with drug-resistant epilepsyLeal, Adriana ; Pinto, Mauro F. ; Lopes, Fábio ; Bianchi, Anna M; Henriques, Jorge ; Ruano, Maria G. ; Carvalho, Paulo de ; Dourado, António ; Teixeira, César A. articleopenAccess
22022Interpretable EEG seizure prediction using a multiobjective evolutionary algorithmPinto, Mauro F. ; Coelho, Tiago ; Leal, Adriana ; Lopes, Fábio ; Dourado, António ; Martins, Pedro ; Teixeira, César A. articleopenAccess
33-Sep-2021Security and Privacy for Mobile IoT Applications Using BlockchainCarvalho, Kevin ; Granjal, Jorge articleopenAccess