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120-Dec-2018Doping β-TCP as a Strategy for Enhancing the Regenerative Potential of Composite β-TCP-Alkali-Free Bioactive Glass Bone Grafts. Experimental Study in RatsFerreira, Manuel M. ; Brito, Ana F. ; Brazete, Daniela; Pereira, Inês C.; Carrilho, Eunice ; Abrantes, Ana M. ; Pires, Ana S. ; Aguiar, Maria J; Carvalho, Lina ; Botelho, Filomena ; Ferreira, José M. F.articleopenAccess
22017Renoprotective Effects of the Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor Sitagliptin: A Review in Type 2 DiabetesMega, Cristina; Teixeira-de-Lemos, Edite; Fernandes, Rosa ; Reis, Flávio articleopenAccess
32017Therapeutic strategies targeting oxidative stress to improve dyslipidemia and left ventricular hypertrophyReis, Flávio articleopenAccess