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124-Jan-2022Development of Actuators for Repairing Cracks by Coating W Wires with Reactive MultilayersSilva, Gabriel Santos ; Maj, Lukasz; Morgiel, Jerzy; Vieira, Maria Teresa ; Ramos, Ana Sofia articleopenAccess
22019Effect of yield stress on fatigue crack growthAntunes, Fernando Ventura ; Borges, Micael Frias ; Prates, Pedro ; Branco, Ricardo ; Oliveira, Marta C. articleopenAccess
32019Fatigue behaviour of maraging steel samples produced by SLM under constant and variable amplitude loadingBranco, R. ; Silva, J. ; Ferreira, J. Martins ; Costa, J. D. ; Capela, Carlos ; Berto, F.; Santos, L. ; Antunes, F. V. articleopenAccess