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129-Jun-2020Be a Mom's Efficacy in Enhancing Positive Mental Health among Postpartum Women Presenting Low Risk for Postpartum Depression: Results from a Pilot Randomized TrialMonteiro, Fabiana ; Pereira, Marco ; Canavarro, Maria Cristina ; Fonseca, Ana articleopenAccess
2Jan-2023Exploring factors associated with complete mental health of pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemicMonteiro, Fabiana ; Fernandes, Daniela V. ; Pires, Raquel ; Moreira, Helena ; Melo, Cláudia ; Araújo-Pedrosa, Anabela articleopenAccess
319-May-2022Promoting positive mental health in the postpartum period: Randomized controlled trial of a web-based CBT intervention for low-risk postpartum womenMonteiro, Fabiana GarciadoctoralThesisembargoedAccess