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12023An Intrinsic Version of the k-Harmonic EquationAbrunheiro, Lígia ; Camarinha, Margarida articleopenAccess
22023Bank Credit and Trade Credit: The Case of Portuguese SMEs from 2010 to 2019Pinto, António Pedro Soares; Henriques, Carla Manuela Ribeiro ; Cardoso, Carolina Esteves Oliveira da Silva; Neves, Maria Elisabete DuartearticleopenAccess
32023Decomposition of Linear Operators on Pre-Euclidean Spaces by Means of GraphsAbdelwahab, Hani; Barreiro, Elisabete ; Calderón, Antonio J.; Sánchez, José M. articleopenAccess
42023Degenerations of Poisson algebrasAbdelwahab, Hani; Ouaridi, Amir Fernández ; González, Cándido MartínarticleopenAccess
52023Descent for internal multicategory functorsPrezado, Rui ; Lucatelli Nunes, Fernando articleopenAccess
627-Dec-2022Lax comma categories of ordered setsClementino, Maria Manuel ; Lucatelli Nunes, Fernando articleopenAccess
72022A mathematical model for the corneal transparency problemAraújo, Adérito ; Barbeiro, Sílvia Alexandra Alves ; Bernardes, Rui Manuel Dias Cortesão dos Santos ; Morgado, Miguel ; Sakić, SunčicaarticleopenAccess
82023Motivation-Based Segmentation of Visitors to a UNESCO Global GeoparkAmaro, Suzanne; Chaves, Nair Balula; Henriques, Carla ; Barroco, CristinaarticleopenAccess
92023On functors preserving projective resolutionsSantana, Ana Paula ; Yudin, Ivan articleopenAccess
102023On split extensions of preordered groupsClementino, Maria Manuel ; Ruivo, Carla articleopenAccess
112023On the positivity of a certain function related with the Digamma functionCastillo, K. articleopenAccess
122023Pervin Spaces and Frith Frames: Bitopological Aspects and CompletionBorlido, Célia ; Suarez, Anna LauraarticleopenAccess
132023A pointfree theory of Pervin spacesBorlido, Célia ; Suarez, Anna LauraarticleopenAccess
142023Presenting Quotient LocalesManuell, Graham articleopenAccess
152023A profinite approach to complete bifix decodings of recurrent languagesCosta, Alfredo articleopenAccess
162023Proof of two conjectures on Askey-Wilson polynomialsCastillo, K. ; Mbouna, D.articleopenAccess
172023Remark on the eigenvalues of a tridiagonal matrix in biogeographyCastillo, K. articleopenAccess
1810-Mar-2023A Rule Based Theorem Prover: an Introduction to Proofs in Secondary SchoolsTeles, Joana ; Santos, Vanda ; Quaresma, Pedro articleopenAccess
192023Substitution Principle and semidirect productsBorlido, Célia ; Gehrke, MaiarticleopenAccess
202021The rough interval shortest path problemMoghanni, Ali; Pascoal, MartaarticleembargoedAccess