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11-Sep-2021Digesta and Plasma Metabolomics of Rainbow Trout Strains with Varied Tolerance of Plant-Based Diets Highlights Potential for Non-Lethal Assessments of Enteritis DevelopmentPalma, Mariana ; Bledsoe, Jacob W; Tavares, Ludgero C. ; Romano, Nicholas; Small, Brian C.; Viegas, Ivan ; Overturf, KenarticleopenAccess
22021Knowledge and Consumption Habits Related with White Crowberries (Corema album L.)Silva, Aida Moreira da ; Barroca, Maria João; Guiné, Raquel P. F.articleopenAccess
315-Dec-2021Sarcocornia perennis: A Salt Substitute in Savory SnacksClavel-Coibrié, Elsa; Sales, Joana Ride; Silva, Aida Moreira da ; Barroca, Maria João ; Sousa, Isabel; Raymundo, AnabelaarticleopenAccess
42022Susceptibility of crop plants to the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne luci, a threat to agricultural productivityMaleita, Carla ; Correia, António ; Abrantes, Isabel ; Esteves, Ivânia articleopenAccess