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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
13-Nov-2020An approach to the unified management of heterogeneous IoT environmentsArmando, NgombodoctoralThesisopenAccess
22021Automatic Electroencephalogram Artifact Removal Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksLopes, Fábio ; Leal, Adriana ; Medeiros, Julio ; Pinto, Mauro ; Dourado, António ; Dumpelmann, Matthias; Teixeira, César articleopenAccess
38-Feb-2022Four Geometry Problems to Introduce Automated Deduction in Secondary SchoolsQuaresma, Pedro ; Santos, VandaarticleopenAccess
4Jan-2022A Survey of Approaches to Unobtrusive Sensing of HumansFernandes, José Marcelo ; Silva, Jorge Sá ; Rodrigues, André; Boavida, Fernando articleopenAccess
5Jan-2021Tangible VR Book: Exploring the Design Space of Marker-Based Tangible Interfaces for Virtual RealityCardoso, Jorge C. S. ; Ribeiro, Jorge M.articleopenAccess
62021Usability Evaluation of a VibroTactile API for Web-Based Virtual Reality ExperiencesCanelha, José ; Cardoso, Jorge C. S. ; Perrotta, André bookPartembargoedAccess