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15-May-2017A Cost-Efficient Method for Unsymmetrical Meso-Aryl Porphyrin Synthesis Using NaY Zeolite as an Inorganic Acid CatalystCalvete, Mário J. F. ; Dias, Lucas D. ; Henriques, César A. ; Pinto, Sara M. A. ; Carrilho, Rui M. B. ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess
225-Jul-2018Higher activation barriers can lift exothermic rate restrictions in electron transfer and enable faster reactionsMentel, Kamila K. ; Serra, Arménio ; Abreu, Paulo E. ; Arnaut, Luís G. articleopenAccess
331-Dec-2019Immune Responses after Vascular Photodynamic Therapy with RedaporfinLobo, Ana Catarina S. ; Silva, Lígia C. Gomes da ; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo ; Cabrita, António ; Santos Rosa, Manuel ; Arnaut, Luís G. articleopenAccess
419-Dec-2019Lipophilicity of Bacteriochlorin-Based Photosensitizers as a Determinant for PDT Optimization through the Modulation of the Inflammatory MediatorsPucelik, Barbara; Arnaut, Luís G. ; Dąbrowski, Janusz M. articleopenAccess
52020Multifunctionalization of cyanuric chloride for the stepwise synthesis of potential multimodal imaging chemical entitiesCalvete, Mário J. F. ; Pinto, Sara M. A. ; Burrows, Hugh D. ; Castro, M. Margarida C. A. ; Geraldes, Carlos F. G. C. ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess
62020Necrosis Depth and Photodynamic Threshold Dose with Redaporfin-PDTRocha, Luis B; Soares, Helder T; Mendes, Maria Inês P; Cabrita, António ; Schaberle, Fábio António ; Moreira, Luís Guilherme da Silva Arnaut articleembargoedAccess
72018A New Tool in the Quest for Biocompatible Phthalocyanines: Palladium Catalyzed Aminocarbonylation for Amide Substituted Phthalonitriles and Illustrative Phthalocyanines ThereofTomé, Vanessa Almeida ; Calvete, Mário J. F. ; Vinagreiro, Carolina S. ; Aroso, Rafael T. ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess