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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12016Anomalous diffusion in porous mediaFerreira, José Augusto ; Pena, Gonçalo ; Romanazzi, Giuseppe articleembargoedAccess
22013Covering Morphisms in Categories of Relational AlgebrasClementino, Maria Manuel ; Hofmann, Dirk ; Montoli, Andrea articleembargoedAccess
32015Effective Étale-Descent Morphisms in the Category of M-ordered SetsBasile, Pier Giorgio articleembargoedAccess
42013Insertion and extension results for pointfree complete regularityGutiérrez García, Javier ; Picado, Jorge articleopenAccess
513-Jun-2014Optimal control of affine connection control systems from the point of view of Lie algebroidsAbrunheiro, Lígia ; Camarinha, Margarida articleopenAccess
62014PrefácioQueiró, João Filipe otheropenAccess