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2022The association between physical activity and mental health during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic reviewMarconcin, Priscila; Werneck, André O; Peralta, Miguel; Ihle, Andreas; Gouveia, Élvio R; Ferrari, Gerson; Sarmento, Hugo ; Marques, AdilsonarticleopenAccess
2021The effect of balanced versus unbalanced football small-sided games on decision-making in youth football players (El efecto de los juegos reducidos de fútbol equilibrado versus desequilibrado en la toma de decisiones de los jugadores de fútbol Juvenil (ThSousa, Honorato; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio ; Marques, Adilson; Sarmento, Hugo ; Lopes, Helder; Ihle, AndreasarticleopenAccess
13-May-2021The Effect of Contextual Variables on Match Performance across Different Playing Positions in Professional Portuguese Soccer PlayersBarrera, Joel ; Sarmento, Hugo ; Clemente, Filipe Manuel ; Field, Adam; Figueiredo, António J. articleopenAccess
2021The Effectiveness of Post-exercise Stretching in Short-Term and Delayed Recovery of Strength, Range of Motion and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsAfonso, José; Clemente, Filipe Manuel ; Nakamura, Fábio Yuzo; Morouço, Pedro; Sarmento, Hugo ; Inman, Richard A.; Ramirez-Campillo, RodrigoarticleopenAccess
2020The effects of small-sided soccer games on technical actions and skills: A systematic reviewClemente, Filipe Manuel ; Sarmento, Hugo articleopenAccess
2021The Hamstrings: Anatomic and Physiologic Variations and Their Potential Relationships With Injury RiskAfonso, José; Rocha-Rodrigues, Silvia ; Clemente, Filipe M; Aquino, Michele; Nikolaidis, Pantelis T; Sarmento, Hugo ; Fílter, Alberto; Olivares-Jabalera, Jesús; Ramirez-Campillo, RodrigoarticleopenAccess
Mar-2023The Impact of 120 Minutes of Soccer-Specific Exercise on RecoveryField, Adam; Corr, Liam David; Sarmento, Hugo ; Naughton, Robert; Clifford, Tom; Haines, Matthew; Page, Richard Michael; Harper, Liam DavidarticleopenAccess
2022The Influence of Small-Sided Football Games with Numerical Variability in External Training LoadSousa, Honorato ; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio ; Marques, Adilson; Sarmento, Hugo ; Pestana, Marcelo; Quintal, Tomás; Lopes, Helder; Ihle, AndreasarticleopenAccess
2022The Relationship between Different Large-Sided Games and Official Matches on Professional Football Players' Locomotor IntensityCaldeira, Romualdo; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio ; Ihle, Andreas; Marques, Adilson; Clemente, Filipe Manuel ; Lopes, Helder; Henriques, Ricardo ; Sarmento, Hugo articleopenAccess
16-Sep-2021The rink hockey goalkeeper: somatic characteristics and activity profileSousa, Tiago Emanuel da Costa edoctoralThesisopenAccess
2022Understanding dual career views of European university athletes: The more than gold project focus groupsCapranica, Laura; Doupona, Mojca; Abelkalns, Ilvis; Bisenieks, Ugis; Sánchez-Pato, Antonio; Cánovas-Alvarez, Francisco José; Figueiredo, António José ; García-Roca, Juan Alfonso; Leiva-Arcas, Alejandro; Meroño, Lourdes; Paegle, Anda; Radu, Liliana-Elisabeta; Rus, Cristian-Mihail; Rusu, Oana-Mihaela; Sarmento, Hugo ; Stonis, Janis; Vaquero-Cristóbal, Raquel; Vaz, Vasco ; Ghinassi, Barbara; Izzicupo, Pascal; Di Baldassarre, AngelaarticleopenAccess
Oct-2019Variability of Technical Actions During Small-Sided Games in Young Soccer PlayersClemente, Filipe Manuel ; Sarmento, Hugo ; Costa, Israel Teoldo; Enes, Ana Rita; Lima, Ricardo articleopenAccess
2022Variations in the physical demands and technical performance of professional soccer teams over three consecutive seasonsAkyildiz, Zeki; Nobari, Hadi; González-Fernández, Francisco Tomás; Praça, Gibson Moreira; Sarmento, Hugo ; Guler, Aytek Hikmet; Saka, Esat Kaan; Clemente, Filipe Manuel ; Figueiredo, António J. articleopenAccess
2019Variations of Network Centralities Between Playing Positions in Favorable and Unfavorable Close and Unbalanced Scores During the 2018 FIFA World CupClemente, Filipe Manuel ; Sarmento, Hugo ; Praça, Gibson Moreira; Nikolaidis, Pantelis Theodoros; Rosemann, Thomas; Knechtle, BeatarticleopenAccess
2019Variations of training load, monotony, and strain and dose-response relationships with maximal aerobic speed, maximal oxygen uptake, and isokinetic strength in professional soccer playersClemente, Filipe Manuel ; Clark, Cain; Castillo, Daniel; Sarmento, Hugo ; Nikolaidis, Pantelis Theodoros; Rosemann, Thomas; Knechtle, BeatarticleopenAccess
8-Jan-2023Weekly External Load Performance Effects on Sports Injuries of Male Professional Football PlayersMartins, Francisco; Marques, Adilson; França, Cíntia; Sarmento, Hugo ; Henriques, Ricardo ; Ihle, Andreas; de Maio Nascimento, Marcelo; Saldanha, Carolina ; Przednowek, Krzysztof; Gouveia, Elvio Rúbio articleopenAccess