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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
27-Apr-2021Parental Risk Factors and Child Birth Data in a Matched Year and Sex Group Cleft Population: A Case-Control StudyFrancisco, Inês ; Caramelo, Francisco ; Fernandes, Maria Helena; Vale, Francisco articleopenAccess
2016Perfil dos tecidos moles faciais: a análise e previsão cefalométrica: Face2CephSilva, Filipe masterThesisopenAccess
20-Jul-2017Reabsorção Condilar Progressiva após cirurgia ortognática - revisão sistemática com meta-análiseRocha, Maria João Almeida masterThesisopenAccess
2023Realistic Facial Three-Dimensional Reconstruction from CT Images and 2D Photographic Images for Surgical-Orthognathic PlanningMonteiro, Miguel; Vale, Francisco ; Ferreira, Nuno C. ; Marques, Filipa ; Ribeiro, Madalena Prata ; Santos, Mariana ; Oliveira, Catarina ; McEvoy, Mariana ; Travassos, Raquel ; Nunes, Catarina ; Paula, Anabela Baptista ; Francisco, Inês ; Caramelo, Francisco articleopenAccess
3-Jun-2021Regenerative Strategies in Cleft Palate: An Umbrella ReviewFrancisco, Inês ; Paula, Anabela Baptista ; Oliveiros, Bárbara ; Fernandes, Maria Helena; Carrilho, Eunice ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Vale, Francisco articleopenAccess
2023Relapse after Orthodontic-Surgical Treatment: A Retrospective Longitudinal StudyMatos, João ; Travassos, Raquel ; Caramelo, Francisco ; Ribeiro, Madalena Prata ; Marques, Filipa ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Paula, Anabela Baptista ; Nunes, Catarina ; Francisco, Inês ; Vale, Francisco articleopenAccess
2020Reproducibility of mandibular landmarks for three-dimensional assessmentCorte-Real, Ana ; Kato, Renata Mayumi; Nunes, Tiago; Vale, Francisco ; Garib, DanielaarticleopenAccess
24-Jul-2017Structural Modifications of the Mandibular Condyles Induced by Distraction Osteogenesis.Sousa, Ana Isabel Fernandes Alves de masterThesisclosedAccess
2021Surgical-Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in an Asymmetric Skeletal Class III Patient—A Case ReportVale, Francisco ; Nunes, Catarina ; Guimarães, Adriana ; Paula, Anabela Baptista ; Francisco, Inês articleopenAccess
3-Jan-2022The Biological Effects of 3D Resins Used in Orthodontics: A Systematic ReviewFrancisco, Inês ; Paula, Anabela Baptista ; Ribeiro, Madalena ; Marques, Filipa ; Travassos, Raquel ; Nunes, Catarina ; Pereira, Flávia ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Carrilho, Eunice ; Vale, Francisco articleopenAccess
2-Jan-2023The COVID-19 Impact on Oral Healthcare Demand and Performance: The Experience of a Clinical and Academic Centre in Portugal (EU)Mendes-Abreu, João; Cabo, Ivan; Borges, Maria Inês; Quitério, Anabela; Nunes, Tiago; Matos, Francisco Maio ; Vale, Francisco ; Figueiredo, José Pedro articleopenAccess
29-Jan-2023Three-Dimensional Impression of Biomaterials for Alveolar Graft: Scoping ReviewFrancisco, Inês ; Basílio, Ângela ; Ribeiro, Madalena Prata ; Nunes, Catarina ; Travassos, Raquel ; Marques, Filipa ; Pereira, Flávia ; Paula, Anabela Baptista ; Carrilho, Eunice ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Vale, Francisco articleopenAccess
2023Three-Dimensional Pulp Volume Analysis in Lip and Palate Cleft PopulationFrancisco, Inês ; Travassos, Raquel ; Marques, Filipa ; Ribeiro, Madalena Prata ; Rodrigues, Mariana ; Quaresma, Patrícia ; Caramelo, Francisco ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Paula, Anabela Baptista ; Nunes, Catarina ; Vale, Francisco articleopenAccess
29-Nov-2020Timing of Spheno-Occipital Synchondrosis Ossification in Children and Adolescents with Cleft Lip and Palate: A Retrospective Case-Control StudyVale, Francisco ; Francisco, Inês ; Lucas, António ; Roseiro, Ana ; Caramelo, Francisco ; Sobral, Adriana articleopenAccess
3-Jan-2022What Is the Most Effective Technique for Bonding Brackets on Ceramic-A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisFrancisco, Inês ; Travassos, Raquel ; Nunes, Catarina ; Ribeiro, Madalena ; Marques, Filipa ; Pereira, Flávia ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Carrilho, Eunice ; Oliveiros, Bárbara ; Paula, Anabela Baptista ; Vale, Francisco articleopenAccess