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2015Clinical change in anger, shame, and paranoia after a structured cognitive-behavioral group program: Early findings from a randomized trial with male prison inmatesBrazão, Nélio ; da Motta, Carolina ; Rijo, Daniel ; do Céu Salvador, Maria ; Pinto-Gouveia, José ; Ramos, João articleopenAccess
2015Clinical Change in Cognitive Distortions and Core Schemas After a Cognitive–Behavioral Group Intervention: Preliminary Findings from a Randomized Trial with Male Prison InmatesBrazão, Nélio ; da Motta, Carolina ; Rijo, Daniel ; Salvador, Maria do Céu ; Pinto-Gouveia, José ; Ramos, João articleopenAccess
2014Development and psychometric properties of the community integration scale of adults with psychiatric disorders.Cabral, Joana ; Barreto Carvalho, Célia ; da Motta, Carolina ; Silva, Osvaldo articleopenAccess
2017Emotional, Cognitive and Behavioral Reactions to Paranoid Symptoms in Clinical and Nonclinical PopulationsBarreto Carvalho, Célia ; da Motta, Carolina ; Pinto-Gouveia, José ; Peixoto, Ermelindo Manuel Bernardo articleopenAccess
2013From multimodal programs to a new cognitive–interpersonal approach in the rehabilitation of offendersBrazão, Nélio ; da Motta, Carolina ; Rijo, Daniel articleopenAccess
2016Influence of Family and Childhood Memories in the Development and Manifestation of Paranoid IdeationCarvalho, Célia Barreto ; da Motta, Carolina ; Pinto-Gouveia, José ; Peixoto, Ermelindo articleopenAccess
2015Mapping non suicidal self-injury in adolescence: Development and confirmatory factor analysis of the Impulse, Self-harm and Suicide Ideation Questionnaire for Adolescents (ISSIQ-A)Carvalho, Célia Barreto ; Nunes, Carolina ; Castilho, Paula ; da Motta, Carolina ; Caldeira, Suzana ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess
2015Paranoia in the general population: A revised version of the General Paranoia Scale for adultsBarreto Carvalho, Célia ; Sousa, Marina ; da Motta, Carolina ; Pinto-Gouveia, José ; Nunes Caldeira, Suzana ; Peixoto, Ermelindo Bernardo ; Cabral, Joana ; Fenigstein, Allan articleopenAccess
2015The prevalence of personality disorders in Portuguese male prison inmates: Implications for penitentiary treatmentBrazão, Nélio ; Da Motta, Carolina ; Rijo, Daniel ; Pinto-Gouveia, José articleopenAccess
2016Vamos sentir com o Necas! Programa de promoção de Inteligência Emocional para 1.º ciclo do ensino básicoBarreto Carvalho, Célia ; Caldeira, Suzana ; Peixoto, Ermelindo ; Moniz, Ana ; da Motta, Carolina ; Rebelo, Elisabete ; Coredeiro, Gorete ; Benevides, Joana ; Cabral, Joana ; Rodrigues, Joana ; Dias, Lénia ; Sousa, Marina ; Amaral, Sandra ; Rodrigues, Sara bookembargoedAccess