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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1-Feb-20163D recording of normal enthesesHenderson, Charlotte Y. articleclosedAccess
2015Accounting for multiple effects and the problem of small sample sizes in osteology: a case study focussing on entheseal changesHenderson, C. Y. ; Nikita, E. articleopenAccess
1-Feb-2016Adipocere inside nineteenth century femora: the effect of grave conditions.Henderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Caffell, Anwen C. ; King, Gary A. ; Allen, Richard articleopenAccess
2017Cambios entesiales en Portugal: un estudio diacrónico utilizando el nuevo Método CoimbraSalega, Soledad ; Henderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Silva, Ana Maria articleopenAccess
14-Sep-2016Commentary: An update to the new Coimbra method for recording entheseal changesHenderson, Charlotte ; Wilczak, Cynthia ; Mariotti, Valentina articleembargoedAccess
2013Do diseases cause entheseal changes at fibrous entheses?Henderson, C. Y. articleopenAccess
18-Jul-2022Entheseal changes and bone geometry as identification traits in forensic anthropology: building an interpretation guide.Vergara, Maria Alejandra AcostadoctoralThesisopenAccess
2017Entheseal changes: the role of Portuguese researchCardoso, Francisca Alves; Henderson, Charlotte Yvette articleopenAccess
2017Entheseal changes: the role of Portuguese researchCardoso, Francisca Alves ; Henderson, Charlotte Yvette articleopenAccess
2016Exploring poverty: skeletal biology and documentary evidence in 19th–20th century PortugalCardoso, Francisca Alves ; Assis, Sandra ; Henderson, Charlotte articleopenAccess
2016In search of consensus: Terminology for entheseal changes (EC)Villotte, Sébastien ; Assis, Sandra ; Cardoso, Francisca Alves ; Henderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Mariotti, Valentina ; Milella, Marco ; Pany-Kucera, Doris ; Speith, NarticleembargoedAccess
2018Is differential diagnosis attainable in disarticulated pathological bone remains? A case-study from a late 19th/early 20th century necropolis from Juncal (Porto de Mós, Portugal)Assis, Sandra ; Henderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Casimiro, Sílvia ; Cardoso, Francisca Alves articleembargoedAccess
2014Living cheek by jowl: The pathoecology of medieval YorkKing, Gary ; Henderson, Charlotte articleopenAccess
2016MASS MEASUREMENTS OF ISOLATED OBJECTS FROM SPACE-BASED MICROLENSINGZhu (祝伟), Wei ; Novati, S. Calchi ; Gould, A. ; Udalski, A. ; Han, C. ; Shvartzvald, Y. ; Ranc, C. ; Jørgensen, U. G. ; Poleski, R. ; Bozza, V. ; Beichman, C. ; Bryden, G. ; Carey, S. ; Gaudi, B. S. ; Henderson, C. B. ; Pogge, R. W. ; Porritt, I. ; Wibking, B. ; Yee, J. C. ; Pawlak, M. ; Szymański, M. K. ; Skowron, J. ; Mróz, P. ; Kozłowski, S. ; Wyrzykowski, Ł. ; Pietrukowicz, P. ; Pietrzyński, G. ; Soszyński, I. ; Ulaczyk, K. ; Choi, J.-Y. ; Park, H. ; Jung, Y. K. ; Shin, I.-G. ; Albrow, M. D. ; Park, B.-G. ; Kim, S.-L. ; Lee, C.-U. ; Cha, S.-M. ; Kim, D.-J. ; Lee, Y. ; Friedmann, M. ; Kaspi, S. ; Maoz, D. ; Hundertmark, M. ; Street, R. A. ; Tsapras, Y. ; Bramich, D. M. ; Cassan, A. ; Dominik, M. ; Bachelet, E. ; Dong, Subo ; Jaimes, R. Figuera ; Horne, K. ; Mao, S. ; Menzies, J. ; Schmidt, R. ; Snodgrass, C. ; Steele, I. A. ; Wambsganss, J. ; Skottfelt, J. ; Andersen, M. I. ; Burgdorf, M. J. ; Ciceri, S. ; D’Ago, G. ; Evans, D. F. ; Gu, S.-H. ; Hinse, T. C. ; Kerins, E. ; Korhonen, H. ; Kuffmeier, M. ; Mancini, L. ; Peixinho, N. ; Popovas, A. ; Rabus, M. ; Rahvar, S. ; Tronsgaard, R. ; Scarpetta, G. ; Southworth, J. ; Surdej, J. ; Essen, C. von ; Wang, Y.-B. ; Wertz, O. articleopenAccess
21-Feb-2013Occupational mobility in nineteenth century rural England: the interpretation of entheseal changesHenderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Craps, Davina ; Caffell, Anwen ; Millard, Andrew ; Gowland, Rebecca articleopenAccess
2015Ossos do Ofício. Um estudo de actividade numa amostra de sapateiros, costureiras e alfaiates de Coimbra dos séculos XIX e XXMaximiano, Ana Filipa masterThesisopenAccess
Dec-2018PORTUGUESE WOMEN’S ACTIVITY IN THE PAST: COMPARING ENTHESEAL CHANGES THROUGH TIMEHenderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Salega, Soledad ; Silva, Ana Maria articleopenAccess
2012Preface to special issue Entheseal Changes and occupation: technical and theoretical advances and their applications.Henderson, Charlotte Yvette ; Cardoso, Francisca Alves articleopenAccess
2013Recording Specific Entheseal Changes of Fibrocartilaginous Entheses: Initial Tests Using the Coimbra MethodHenderson, C. Y. ; Mariotti, V. ; Pany-Kucera, D. ; Villotte, S. ; Wilczak, C. articleopenAccess
21-Oct-2013Subsistence strategy changes: The evidence of entheseal changesHenderson, Charlotte articleopenAccess