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2010Immune changes potentially associated with upper respiratory symptons in swimmers during a winter training seasonTeixeira, Ana Maria Miranda Botelho ; Paiva, Artur ; Rosado, Fátima ; Henriques, Ana ; Alves, Francisco ; Rama, Luís Manuel Pinto Lopes ; Azevedo, Sara bookPartopenAccess
2007Interaction of S413-PV cell penetrating peptide with model membranes: relevance to peptide translocation across biological membranesMano, Miguel ; Henriques, Ana ; Paiva, Artur ; Prieto, Manuel ; Gavilanes, Francisco ; Simões, Sérgio ; Lima, Maria C. Pedroso De articleopenAccess
2008S4 13 - PV cell penetrating peptide and cationic liposomes act synergistically to mediate intracellular delivery of plasmid DNATrabulo, Sara ; Mano, Miguel ; Faneca, Henrique ; Cardoso, Ana Luísa ; Duarte, Sónia ; Henriques, Ana ; Paiva, Artur ; Gomes, Paula ; Simões, Sérgio ; Lima, Maria C. Pedroso de articleopenAccess
2015Sera from patients with active systemic lupus erythematosus patients enhance the toll-like receptor 4 response in monocyte subsetsCarvalheiro, Tiago; Gomes, Diane; Pinto, Ligia A; Inês, Luís ; Lopes, Ana; Henriques, Ana ; Pedreiro, Susana; Martinho, António; Trindade, Hélder; Young, Howard A; Silva, José António Pereira da ; Paiva, Artur articleopenAccess