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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
13-Jan-1995Alterações metabólicas em células hepáticas de rato induzidas por herbicidas de uso generalizadoPalmeira, Carlos Manuel Marques doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2000Amiodarone interactions with membrane lipids and with growth of Bacillus stearothermophilus used as a modelRosa, Sónia ; Antunes-Madeira, Maria ; Jurado, Amália ; Madeira, Vítor articleopenAccess
1999Bacillus stearothermophilus: modelo para o estudo de interacções membranares do tamoxifeno.Maia, Paula Cristina dos Santos Luxo doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2001Changes induced by malathion, methylparathion and parathion on membrane lipid physicochemical properties correlate with their toxicityVideira, Romeu A. ; Antunes-Madeira, Maria C. ; Lopes, Virgínia I. C. F. ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. articleopenAccess
2002Cholesterol modulates amiodarone-membrane interactions in model and native membranesAntunes-Madeira, Maria ; Videira, Romeu ; Madeira, Vítor articleopenAccess
1998Cholesteryl Ester Hydroperoxide Formation in Myoglobin-Catalyzed Low Density Lipoprotein Oxidation : Concerted Antioxidant Activity of Caffeic and p-Coumaric Acids with AscorbateVieira, Otília ; Laranjinha, João ; Madeira, Vítor ; Almeida, Leonor articleopenAccess
2002Chromium(VI) interaction with plant and animal mitochondrial bioenergetics: A comparative studyFernandes, M. A. S. ; Santos, M. S. ; Alpoim, M. C. ; Madeira, V. M. C. ; Vicente, J. A. F. articleopenAccess
2003Comparative effects of herbicide dicamba and related compound on plant mitochondrial bioenergeticsPeixoto, Francisco ; Vicente, Joaquim A. F. ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. articleopenAccess
2008Comparative effects of the herbicides dicamba, 2,4-D and paraquat on non-green potato tuber calliPeixoto, Francisco P. ; Gomes-Laranjo, José ; Vicente, Joaquim A. ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. articleopenAccess
2004A comparative study of plant and animal mitochondria exposed to paraquat reveals that hydrogen peroxide is not related to the observed toxicityPeixoto, Francisco ; Vicente, Joaquim ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. articleopenAccess
2005Comparative study of tributyltin toxicity on two bacteria of the genus BacillusMartins, J. D. ; Jurado, A. S. ; Moreno, A. J. M. ; Madeira, V. M. C. articleopenAccess
1999Cytotoxicity and Membrane Interaction of Tamoxifen as Affected by Ca2+ and Mg2+: Use of a Bacterial Model SystemLuxo, C. ; Jurado, A. S. ; Madeira, V. M. C. articleopenAccess
2002Degradability and Sediment Sorption of an Alcohol Polyglycol Ether Surfactant Putatively Useful for the Control of Red Swamp Crayfish in Rice FieldsFonseca, Júlio C. ; Marques, João C. ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. articleopenAccess
2001Differential sensitivities of plant and animal mitochondria to the herbicide paraquatVicente, Joaquim A. F. ; Peixoto, Francisco ; Lopes, M. Ludovina ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. articleopenAccess
Aug-1986Effect of short-chain primary alcohols on fluidity and activity of sarcoplasmic reticulum membranesAlmeida, Leonor M. ; Vaz, Winchil L. C. ; Stuempel, Juergen ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. articleopenAccess
14-May-1992Estudo do efeito de insecticidas de uso comum na bioenergética mitocondrialMoreno, António Joaquim de Matos doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
2001Ethylazinphos Interaction with Membrane Lipid Organization Induces Increase of Proton Permeability and Impairment of Mitochondrial Bioenergetic FunctionsVideira, Romeu A. ; Antunes-Madeira, Maria C. ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. articleopenAccess
Nov-1982Fluidity of sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes investigated with dipyrenylpropane, an intramolecular excimer probeAlmeida, Leonor M. ; Vaz, Winchil L. C. ; Zachariasse, Klaas A. ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. articleopenAccess
2000Hemolysis of human erythrocytes induced by tamoxifen is related to disruption of membrane structureCruz Silva, M. M. ; Madeira, Vítor M. C. ; Almeida, Leonor M. ; Custódio, José B. A. articleopenAccess
2001Hydroxytamoxifen interaction with human erythrocyte membrane and induction of permeabilization and subsequent hemolysisCruz Silva, M. M. ; Madeira, V. M. C. ; Almeida, L. M. ; Custódio, J. B. A. articleopenAccess