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2010Fiscal sustainability and the accuracy of macroeconomic forecasts: do supranational forecasts rather than government forecasts make a difference?Marinheiro, Carlos Fonseca workingPaperopenAccess
2005Has the Stability and Growth Pact stabilised? Evidence from a panel of 12 European countries and some implications for the reform of the PactMarinheiro, Carlos José Fonseca workingPaperopenAccess
1996O Teorema da Equivalência Ricardiana: discussão teóricaMarinheiro, Carlos Fonseca workingPaperopenAccess
Jan-1996O Teorema da Equivalência Ricardiana: Discussão Teórica e Aplicação à Economia PortuguesaMarinheiro, Carlos José Fonseca masterThesisopenAccess
2003Output Smoothing in EMU and OECD: Can We Forego Government Contribution? A risk sharing approachMarinheiro, Carlos Fonseca workingPaperopenAccess
2001Ricardian Equivalence: an Empirical Application to the Portuguese EconomyMarinheiro, Carlos Fonseca workingPaperopenAccess
2008The stability and growth pact, fiscal policy institutions and stabilization in EuropeMarinheiro, Carlos Fonseca articleopenAccess
2005Sustainability of Portuguese Fiscal Policy in Historical PerspectiveMarinheiro, Carlos F. workingPaperopenAccess