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Title: Software updates management in Pakistan's IT industry - A survey
Authors: Khan, Anamta
Orientador: Rashid, Amber Gul
Keywords: Software updates; release management; processes
Issue Date: 2020
Place of publication or event: Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan
Abstract: Background: There are many defined processes for Project management, but very few focuses on release management. Generating a constant growth in the product requires proper management of releases, and the practices are a little different from what is followed when a project or a product is starting from scratch. Aims: This research focused on understanding the software industry and the gap of release management and then understanding how Pakistan’s IT industry manages updates of their software products. Method: Studied the previous works and then from the learnings the research is divided into 2 phases. First a survey was conducted with selected audiences, and conclusions are driven by 60 responses, all by Pakistan’s IT industry professionals. In second phase 6 participants amounts the 60 respondents were selected for interviews based on the conclusions from the survey. Conclusion: Since frequent and small updates are reported in the research to keep the engagement of the user and manage internal targets, agile methodology is widely followed by multiple teams involved in each update, because agile helps in keeping up the pace. It is also noticed that the more frequent and small updates approach is more in practice with them being more client-centric which help in more decisive and facts-based innovation.
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