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Título: Exploring the ossuary: a possible case of mandibular trauma in the Modern (17th - 18th centuries), Lisbon
Autor: Carvalho, Liliana Matias
Henriques, Susana
Amarante, Ana
Wasterlain, Sofia
Palavras-chave: modern history; history of medicine; paleopathology; dental anthropology; oral pathology; bone trauma; modern age; neoplasms
Data: 2020
Editora: Universidad de Alicante - Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Arqueología y Patrimonio Histórico (INAPH)
Título da revista, periódico, livro ou evento: Care, heal, die: the disease read in the bones
Local de edição ou do evento: Alicante
Resumo: A modern necropolis from which 841 burials and 23 ossuaries were recovered was identified in the building located at Rua do Recolhimento 7/9, at the intramural area of Castelo de São Jorge (Lisbon, Portugal), near the former Soldiers’ Hospital. The osteological element here presented belonged to ossuary No. 11 (950 bones, NMI = 116). It is a mandibular fragment (anterior portion of the right side) which presents exuberant pathology signs. After being cleaned, the fragment was observed macroscopically and submitted to imaging. The differential diagnosis took into account the shape, structure, size and location of changes. The pathological alterations consist in an outstanding 12mm-long bony growth on the lingual surface of the mandible. Two bony growths also appear on the labial surface. The mandible exhibits a rather visible non-uniform bone thickness. Complete ante mortem tooth loss was observed in the recovered mandible portion. The differential diagnosis of the pathological alterations led us to consider several possibilities, namely: trauma, neoplasia, osteomyelitis and a more exuberant discreet character (mandibular torus). The aim of this paper is to highlight the ossuary-type contexts which, albeit often neglected, can be an important source of information in palaeopathological studies.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10316/92019
ISBN: 978-84-1302-075-4
Direitos: openAccess
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