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Title: Design of residential complexes with emphasize on the role of roof on reducing energy consumption
Authors: Fereidani, Nazanin Azimi
Orientador: Sharghi, Ali
Ghanbaran, Abdolhamid
Keywords: Roof shape; energy consumption; simulation software; residential complexes
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Abstract: Human life from the beginning and during all eras has been directly related to the production and consumption of energy. Technology advancement is dependent on energy and its consumption, Limited reserves of fossil fuels, as well as environmental pollution resulted from their consumption has stimulated issues related to environment and energy. Thus, in recent years, using renewable energy sources is a major concern of modern human because in addition of being renewable, they are very diverse too. That is why that now a day and in industrialized countries this issue is followed seriously. And in this way, especially in the construction sector, much attention has been paid to designing and developing samples proportionate to this objective. Thus, energy saving in these buildings can have a significant impact in reducing consumption of fossil energies Roof is one of the main components of the building which is generally neglected by building designers. Through examining thermal performance and tracking their changes during different hours and seasons and direct using of solar source, one can achieve effective ways to reform component design, and found out that such an architectural element to what extent can be effective in loss of energy or indirect energy saving, especially in urban areas. The research investigates thermal behavior of roof shape, according to the mean radiant temperature which is one component of the thermal comfort, in sloping roofs of residential complexes in the Karaj City. (The dominant form of the ceiling in the study area). At first ,in this research ,library studies and analytical happened ,and in the next section, computational simulation as research methodology are applied.In this section alternativesare modeled and compute based on four types of roofs with different angles. At the end, the final results of analysis, show the best form and angle for reduce the waste of energy in this area that are used in final design.
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