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Title: Application of large-area avalanche photodiodes to X-ray spectrometry of muonic atoms
Authors: Fernandes, L. M. P. 
Antognini, A. 
Boucher, M. 
Conde, C. A. N. 
Huot, O. 
Knowles, P. E. 
Kottmann, F. 
Ludhova, L. 
Mulhauser, F. 
Pohl, R. 
Santos, J. M. F. dos 
Schaller, L. A. 
Taqqu, D. 
Veloso, J. F. C. A. 
Keywords: Lamb shift; Muonic atoms X-ray spectrometry; Avalanche photodiodes
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy. 58:12 (2003) 2255-2260
Abstract: Large-area avalanche photodiodes have been investigated as 1.9-keV X-ray detectors for the muonic hydrogen Lamb-shift experiment. We report experimental tests carried out for evaluation of the avalanche photodiode capabilities for X-ray detection in the intense radiation and low counting rate environment of experiments with muonic atoms. Several muonic atoms were used and it was shown that the electronic background of muonic atom X-ray spectra can be reduced simply by timing the X-ray signal against the gate signal produced by the muon entrance. Furthermore, the background can be eliminated using coincidences between the X-ray signal and the signal resulting from the electron due to the muon decay. This coincidence discrimination results, however, in a reduction of the X-ray detection efficiency.
DOI: 10.1016/S0584-8547(03)00214-3
Rights: openAccess
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