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Soares, Ana R.
Soares, Ana R.
Former Researcher UC
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
126-Jul-2010MicroRNA expression variability in human cervical tissuesPereira, Patrícia M. R. ; Marques, João Paulo ; Soares, Ana R. ; Carreto, Laura; Santos, Manuel A. S. articleopenAccess
22009Parallel DNA pyrosequencing unveils new zebrafish microRNAsSoares, Ana R. ; Pereira, Patrícia M. R. ; Santos, Bruno; Egas, Conceição ; Gomes, Ana C. ; Arrais, Joel P. ; Oliveira, José L.; Moura, Gabriela R.; Santos, Manuel A. S.articleopenAccess
317-Mar-2022The Role of MicroRNAs in Proteostasis Decline and Protein Aggregation during Brain and Skeletal Muscle AgingFrancisco, Stephany; Martinho, Vera C. ; Ferreira, Margarida; Reis, Andreia ; Moura, Gabriela; Soares, Ana Raquel ; Santos, Manuel A. S. articleopenAccess