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Lopes, Betina
Lopes, Betina da Silva
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UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12021Audio-Visual Tools in Science Communication: The Video Abstract in Ecology and Environmental SciencesFerreira, Miguel ; Lopes, Betina ; Granado, António; Freitas, Helena ; Loureiro, João articleopenAccess
22021The Initial Training of Science Teachers in African Countries: A Systematic Literature ReviewSoares, Diana; Lopes, Betina ; Abrantes, Isabel ; Watts, MikearticleopenAccess
32019The ‘Lunar Side’ of the Story: Exploring the Sustainability of Curricular Internships in Higher EducationLopes, Betina ; Silva, Patrícia; Melo, Ana I.; Brito, Elisabeth; Paiva Dias, Gonçalo; Costa, MarcoarticleopenAccess
42019Unveiling ‘European’ and ‘International’ Researcher Identities: A Case Study with Doctoral Students in the Humanities and Social SciencesLopes, Betina ; Lourenço, Mónica Silva articleopenAccess
52023Video abstract production guideFerreira, Miguel ; Lopes, Betina ; Granado, António; Siopa, Catarina ; Gaspar, Hugo ; Castro, Helena ; Castro, Silvia ; Loureiro, João articleopenAccess