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Tomé, Diogo
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
116-Oct-2023Fibroblast growth factor signaling in axons: from development to diseaseTomé, Diogo ; Dias, Marta S.; Correia, Joana; Almeida, Ramiro D. articleopenAccess
223-Jul-2019Synaptogenesis Stimulates a Proteasome-Mediated Ribosome Reduction in AxonsCosta, Rui O. ; Martins, Helena ; Martins, Luís F. ; Cwetsch, Andrzej W; Mele, Miranda ; Pedro, Joana R. ; Tomé, Diogo ; Jeon, Noo Li; Cancedda, Laura; Jaffrey, Samie R.; Almeida, Ramiro D. articleopenAccess