Castelão-Baptista, José P.

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Castelão-Baptista, José P.
Castelão-Baptista, José Pedro
Castelão-Baptista, José P.
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12021Afrostyrax lepidophyllus Mildbr. and Monodora myristica (Gaertn.) Dunal Extracts Decrease Doxorubicin Cytotoxicity on H9c2 CardiomyoblastsMoukette, Bruno ; Castelão-Baptista, José P. ; Ferreira, Luciana L. ; Silva, Ana M. ; Simões, Rui F. ; Cabral, Célia ; Pieme, Constant A.; Ngogang, Jeanne Y.; Sardão, Vilma A. ; Oliveira, Paulo J. articleopenAccess
24-Dec-2020Biological activity of Brassica by-products in cell models of oxidative stress and lipid toxicityBaptista, José Pedro Fernandes Castelão Moreira masterThesisembargoedAccess
312-Feb-2023Brassica oleracea Var italica by-Products Prevent Lipid Accumulation and Cell Death in a Liver Cell Model of Lipid ToxicityCastelão-Baptista, José P. ; Valente, Sara A. ; Canário, Sara ; Oppolzer, David; Barros, Ana; Venâncio, Carlos; Martins, Tânia ; Antunes, Luís; Sardão, Vilma A. ; Rosa, Eduardo; Oliveira, Paulo J. articleopenAccess
423-Nov-2021Three in One: The Potential of Brassica By-Products against Economic Waste, Environmental Hazard, and Metabolic Disruption in ObesityCastelão-Baptista, José P. ; Barros, Ana; Martins, Tânia ; Rosa, Eduardo; Sardão, Vilma A. articleopenAccess