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Melício, Beatriz A.
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
117-Mar-2021Challenges, facilitators and barriers to screening study participants in early disease stages-experience from the MACUSTAR studyTerheyden, Jan Henrik; Behning, Charlotte; Lüning, Anna; Wintergerst, Ludmila; Basile, Pier G.; Tavares, Diana ; Melício, Beatriz A. ; Leal, Sergio; Weissgerber, George; Luhmann, Ulrich F. O.; Crabb, David P.; Tufail, Adnan; Hoyng, Carel; Berger, Moritz; Schmid, Matthias; Silva, Rufino ; Martinho, Cecília V. ; Cunha-Vaz, José ; Holz, Frank G.; Finger, Robert P.articleopenAccess