Reis, Márcio Rodrigues da Cunha

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Reis, Márcio Rodrigues da Cunha
Reis, Márcio R. C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12021Analysis and Adequacy Methodology for Voltage Violations in Distribution Power GridVilela Junior, Wagner A.; Coimbra, António P. ; Wainer, Gabriel A.; Caetano Neto, Joao; Cararo, Jose A. G.; Reis, Márcio R. C. ; Santos, Paulo V.; Calixto, Wesley P. articleopenAccess
22022Application of the Horizontal Soil Stratification and Lateral Profiling Methods for 3D Mapping of the Soil Electrical ResistivityCalixto, Wesley P. ; Silva, Carlos L. B.; Gomes, Viviane ; Reis, Marcio R. C. ; Silva Filho, Antonio M.; Coimbra, Antonio P. ; Wainer, Gabriel A.articleopenAccess