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Tabanez, Andreia Margarido
Tabanez, Andreia M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
122-Jul-2020Biological Applications of Macrocyclic Schiff Base Ligands and Their Metal Complexes: A Survey of the Literature (2005–2019)Golbedaghi, Reza ; Tabanez, Andreia M. ; Esmaeili, Somayeh; Lourenço, Rui Fausto articleembargoedAccess
216-Feb-2020Enhanced solid-state stability of amorphous ibrutinib formulations prepared by hot-melt extrusionSimões, Marta F.; Nogueira, Bernardo A. ; Tabanez, Andreia M. ; Rui Fausto ; Pinto, Rui M. A. ; Simões, SérgioarticleembargoedAccess
315-Dec-2020The crystal structure and Raman spectrum of the sodium salt of 5-Acetic acid hydantoinNogueira, Bernardo A. ; Ildiz, Gulce O. ; Tabanez, Andreia M. ; Henriques, M. S. C.; Paixão, José A. ; Rui Fausto articleembargoedAccess
46-Jul-2020Thiabendazole and Thiabendazole-Formic Acid Solvate: A Computational, Crystallographic, Spectroscopic and Thermal StudyTabanez, Andreia M. M. ; Nogueira, Bernardo A. ; Milani, Alberto; Eusébio, Maria Ermelinda da Silva ; Paixão, José A. ; Nur Kabuk, Hayrunnisa; Jajuga, Maria; Ildiz, Gülce O. ; Lourenço, Rui Fausto articleopenAccess
530-Sep-2019Using the optical microscope coupled Raman Spectroscopy Technique to solve research problems in the Pharmaceutical IndustryTabanez, Andreia Margarido masterThesisembargoedAccess