Al-Rjoub, Abbas M.K.

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Al-Rjoub, Abbas M.K.
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12-Oct-2020Caracterização de revestimentos auto-lubrificantes dos sistemas multicamada TiSiN/TiN(Ag) e TiSiN/VNMateus, João Carlos MendesmasterThesisopenAccess
222-Jul-2021Characterization of industrial made TiAlN, TiAlCN and TiAlN/TiAlCN coatings used for machining of Ti6Al4V aerospace alloyLlanos, Princess StephaniemasterThesisopenAccess
32022Exploring the industrial implementation of W–S–N coatings: a detailed study of the synthesis, compositional, structural, mechanical and multi-environment lubrication propertiesYaqub, Talha Bin ; Al-Rjoub, Abbas M.K. ; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Fernandes, Filipe Daniel articleopenAccess
42021High Si multilayered TiSiN/TiN(Ag) films with superior oxidation resistanceAl-Rjoub, A. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Rajput, S. S.; Fernandes, F. articleopenAccess
52021Influence of Ag additions on the structure, mechanical properties and oxidation behaviour of CrAlNAg coatings deposited by sputteringRajput, S.S.; Gangopadhyay, S.; Cavaleiro, A. ; AL-Rjoub, A. ; Kumar, Ch. Sateesh; Fernandes, F. articleopenAccess
62020Influence of Ag alloying on the morphology, structure, mechanical properties, thermal stability and oxidation resistance of multilayered TiSiN/Ti(Ag)N filmsAl-Rjoub, A. ; Cavaleiro, A. ; Fernandes, F. articleopenAccess
72020Room and High Temperature Tribological Performance of Multilayered TiSiN/TiN and TiSiN/TiN(Ag) Coatings Deposited by SputteringFernandes, Filipe ; Al-Rjoub, Abbas M.K. ; Cavaleiro, Diogo ; Polcar, Tomas; Cavaleiro, Albano articleopenAccess