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Santos, Marcelo
Santos, Marcelo Serra
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UC Researcher
Marcelo Serra Santos is a Professor and an Associate Researcher for WISER Portugal Project affiliated with the Centre for Business and Economics Research (CeBER), University of Coimbra - Faculty of Economics. His research interests include inequality, economic growth, technology adoption, human capital, climate change, sustainability and labor mismatch with articles published on several international journals including Eurasian Economic Review, Economic Record, Social Indicators Research and others. He is also a reviewer for several international journals with a more regular participation at Social Indicators Research journal. He has 5 years of teaching experience, mostly in the field of Principles of Micro and Macroeconomics. He is also a regular participant in several conferences, some of which attributed him honorable awards: Best Paper at ISERD Madrid 2017 and 3rd Best Paper at EBES Lisbon 2015.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
124-Jan-2020Climate Change and Sustainable Development: The case of Amazonia and Policy ImplicationsAzevedo, Susana ; Sequeira, Tiago ; Santos, Marcelo ; Nikuma, Daniela articleembargoedAccess
230-Jun-2020Historical European Institutions, Human Capital and DevelopmentSequeira, Tiago Miguel Guterres Neves ; Murta, Daniel Filipe Videira ; Santos, Marcelo Serra workingPaperopenAccess
35-Jan-2023Management and Human Capital Employment: an overlookedSantos, Marcelo ; Garrido, Susana ; Sequeira, Tiago NevesworkingPaperopenAccess
420-Aug-2020Renewable Energy and Sustainability from the Supply Side: A Critical Review and AnalysisGarrido, Susana ; Sequeira, Tiago ; Santos, Marcelo articleopenAccess