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Rosa, Nuno
Rosa, Nuno
Rosa, Nuno
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
127-Feb-2014Computational prediction of the human-microbial oral interactomeCoelho, Edgar D.; Arrais, Joel P. ; Matos, Sérgio ; Pereira, Carlos; Rosa, Nuno ; Correia, Maria José; Barros, Marlene ; Oliveira, José Luís articleopenAccess
22017New Targets for Zika Virus Determined by Human-Viral Interactomic: A Bioinformatics ApproachEsteves, Eduardo ; Rosa, Nuno ; Correia, Maria José; Arrais, Joel P. ; Barros, Marlene Maria Tourais de articleopenAccess
321-Dec-2018Study Of Structural And Thermal Performance Of Lightweight Steel Framing (LSF) Modular ConstructionRosa, Nuno Cláudio Ferreira doctoralThesisopenAccess
42014The landscape of protein biomarkers proposed for periodontal disease: markers with functional meaningRosa, Nuno ; Correia, Maria José; Arrais, Joel P. ; Costa, Nuno; Oliveira, José Luís ; Barros, Marlene articleopenAccess
52023Validation of a Simplified Numerical Model for Predicting Solid–Liquid Phase Change with Natural Convection in Ansys CFXRosa, Nuno ; Soares, Nelson ; Costa, José ; Lopes, António Gameiro articleopenAccess


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