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Ivaki, Naghmeh Ramezani
Ivaki, Naghmeh
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
112-Jul-2021Can web applications with all the right vitamins be as reliable as native applications?Donato, José Maria CamposmasterThesisembargoedAccess
22021Characterizing Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in Large C/C++ ProjectsPereira, Jose D'Abruzzo ; Ivaki, Naghmeh ; Vieira, Marco articleopenAccess
314-Jul-2021Fault Injector for Autonomous QuadrotorsCoutinho, Artur DuartemasterThesisopenAccess
430-Sep-2016Reliable Distributed Communication: Design Solutions and ProtocolsIvaki, Naghmeh Ramezani doctoralThesisopenAccess
52017Testing data-centric services using poor quality data: from relational to NoSQL document databasesLaranjeiro, Nuno ; Soydemir, Seyma Nur ; Ivaki, Naghmeh Ramezani ; Bernardino, Jorge articleopenAccess
620-Jun-2020Using Fault Injection to Assess Blockchain Systems in Presence of Faulty Smart ContractsHajdu, Ákos; Ivaki, Naghmeh ; Kocsis, Imre; Klenik, Attila; Gönczy, László; Laranjeiro, Nuno ; Madeira, Henrique ; Pataricza, AndrásarticleopenAccess
72020Vulnerable Code Detection Using Software Metrics and Machine LearningMedeiros, Nadia ; Ivaki, Naghmeh ; Costa, Pedro ; Vieira, Marco articleopenAccess