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José A. F., Gamelas
Gamelas, José A. F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Jun-2023Anionic bio-flocculants from sugarcane for purification of sucrose: An application of circular bioeconomyLeão, Sofia ; Magalhães, Solange ; Alves, Luís ; Gamelas, José A. F. ; Lima, Claudio; Stein, Bruno; Rasteiro, Maria da Graça articleopenAccess
216-Jun-2021Comparison of Surface Properties of Sepiolite and Palygorskite: Surface Energy and NanoroughnessAlmeida, Ricardo O. ; Ferraz, Eduardo; Santarén, Julio; Gamelas, José A. F. articleopenAccess
32010A New Approach for the Modification of Paper Surface Properties Using PolyoxometalatesSaraiva, Mikhail S. ; Gamelas, José A. ; Sousa, António P. Mendes de ; Reis, Bruno M. ; Amaral, José ; Ferreira, P. J. articleopenAccess
49-Apr-2011New modified filler obtained by silica formed by sol–gel method on calcium carbonateJosé A. F., Gamelas ; Lourenço, Ana F. ; Ferreira, Paulo J. articleclosedAccess
52023Production of functionalized nanocelluloses from different sources using deep eutectic solvents and their applicationsAlmeida, Ricardo O. ; Maloney, Thaddeus C.; Gamelas, José A. F. articleopenAccess