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Ferreira, Manuela
Ferreira, Manuela
Ferreira, Manuela
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Manuela Ferreira graduated in Biochemistry and was awarded a PhD in 2010 from Coimbra University under supervision of Fiona M. Watt (CRUK). She joined Henrique Veiga-Fernandes lab in Lisbon (iMM and Champalimaud Foundation) between 2010 and 2020 as pos-doc fellow. Notably, she is the co-first author of a highly cited Nature paper (Nature 2014, 230 citations), which was a breakthrough by establishing an unprecedented link between maternal nutrients and offspring immune system. Despite 3 career breaks due to maternity leaves and serious illness (2014-2019), so far Ferreira published 13 papers (including 6 papers as 1st author and 1 as senior-corresponding), which feature ca. 1660 citations, a CIF of 168 and a h-index of 10. Ferreira made ground-breaking contributions to the understanding of epithelial biology and immune-sensing field, which were published in high impact factor peer-reviewed journals such as Science, Cell, Nature, Genes & Development, and Cancer Research. She successfully secured highly competitive national funding (FCT) and received several national and international prestigious prizes, e.g. EMBO, Society for Mucosal Immunology (USA). She actively promotes knowledge transfer by supervising PhD, MSc and internship students; she lecture in PhD courses and participate in outreach science activities for society. In 2020, Ferreira was awarded a PI position at CIBB, where she gathered a team and is currently investigating how environmental cues shape immune cells and body barriers at early life. Manuela is invited to review papers and integrated Jury of MSc academic degree as main arguer.
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12005Bile acids are toxic for isolated cardiac mitochondriaFerreira, Manuela ; Coxito, Pedro ; Sardão, Vilma ; Palmeira, Carlos ; Oliveira, Paulo articleopenAccess
231-Mar-2010The effect of an activating B1 integrin mutation on skin tumoursFerreira, Manuela Cristina Fernandes doctoralThesisclosedAccess
32014A lesão de Dieulafoy na Unidade de Cuidados Intensivos de Gastrenterologia do C.H.U.C.Pina, Sérgio Miguel Menezes masterThesisopenAccess
430-Nov-2020Strategies for Cancer Immunotherapy Using Induced Pluripotency Stem Cells-Based VaccinesBernardes de Jesus, Bruno; Neves, Bruno Miguel ; Ferreira, Manuela ; Nóbrega-Pereira, SandrinaarticleopenAccess