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Afonso, Óscar
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12018Endogenous Growth and EntropySequeira, Tiago Neves ; Gil, Pedro Mazeda ; Afonso, Óscar workingPaperopenAccess
223-Sep-2019Inflation, Complexity and Endogenous GrowthSequeira, Tiago Neves ; Gil, Pedro Mazeda ; Afonso, Óscar workingPaperopenAccess
324-Jan-2021Inflation, Complexity and Endogenous GrowthSequeira, Tiago ; Gil, Pedro Mazeda ; Afonso, Óscar articleembargoedAccess
429-May-2020A North-South monetary model of endogenous growth with international tradeAfonso, Óscar ; Sequeira, Tiago Miguel Guterres Neves workingPaperopenAccess
517-Jan-2022The Effect of Inflation on Wage Inequality: A North–South Monetary Model of Endogenous Growth with International TradeAfonso, Óscar ; Sequeira, Tiago Neves articleembargoedAccess
61-Nov-2022The effects of automation and lobbying in wage inequality: a directed technical change model with routine and non-routine tasksAfonso, Óscar ; Lima, Pedro G.; Sequeira, Tiago articleembargoedAccess
79-Mar-2020Tradable and nontradable directed technical changeAfonso, Óscar ; Sequeira, Tiago articleembargoedAccess
817-Mar-2020Wage Inequality and Lobbying: a directed technical change approachSequeira, Tiago Miguel Guterres Neves ; Afonso, Óscar workingPaperopenAccess