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Addison, John T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12005The Demand for Labor: An Analysis Using Matched Employer-Employee Data from the German LIAB. Will the High Unskilled Worker Own-Wage Elasticity Please Stand Up?Addison, John T. ; Bellmann, Lutz ; Schank, Thorsten ; Teixeira, Paulino workingPaperopenAccess
2Jul-1996Dismissals Protection and Employment: does the Lazear Model Work for Portugal?Teixeira, Paulino ; Addison, John T. workingPaperopenAccess
32006Does the Quality of Industrial Relations Matter for the Macro Economy? A Cross-Country Analysis Using Strikes DataAddison, John T. ; Teixeira, Paulino workingPaperopenAccess
4Aug-1999The Effect of Dismissals Protection on Employment: More on a Vexed ThemeAddison, John T. ; Teixeira, Paulino ; Grosso, Jean-Luc workingPaperopenAccess
52005The Effect of Works Councils on Employment ChangeAddison, John T. ; Teixeira, Paulino workingPaperopenAccess
62005Employment adjustment in two countries with poor reputations: Analysis of aggregate, firm, and flow data for Portugal and GermanyAddison, John T. ; Teixeira, Paulino articleopenAccess
72009The Extent of Collective Bargaining and Workplace Representation: Transitions between States and their Determinants. A Comparative Analysis of Germany and Great BritainAddison, John T. ; Bryson, Alex ; Teixeira, Paulino ; Pahnke, André ; Bellmanns, Lutz workingPaperopenAccess
82006The Impact of Works Councils on WagesAddison, John T. ; Teixeira, Paulino ; Zwick, Thomas workingPaperopenAccess
91999Is Portugal Really so Arteriosclerotic? Results from a Cross-Country Analysis of Labour AdjustmentAddison, John T. ; Teixeira, Paulino workingPaperopenAccess
102008A Note on the Determinants and Consequences of Outsourcing Using German DataAddison, John T. ; Bellmann, Lutz ; Pahnke, André ; Teixeira, Paulino workingPaperopenAccess
112009Rent Seeking at Plant Level: An Application of the Card-de la Rica Tenure Model to Workers in German Works CouncilsAddison, John T. ; Teixeira, Paulino ; Zwick, Thomas workingPaperopenAccess
122010Slip Sliding Away: Further Union Decline in Germany and BritainAddison, John T. ; Bryson, Alex ; Teixeira, Paulino ; Pahnke, André workingPaperopenAccess
132001Technology, Employment and WagesAddison, John T. ; Teixeira, Paulino workingPaperopenAccess