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Carvalho, Diana
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017Pathways from paranoid conviction to distress: exploring the mediator role of Fears of Compassion in a sample of people with psychosisMartins, Maria João ; Castilho, Paula ; Carvalho, Célia Barreto ; Pereira, Ana Telma ; Carvalho, Diana ; Bajouco, Miguel ; Madeira, Nuno ; Santos, Vitor ; Macedo, António articleopenAccess
218-Feb-2014The prognostic role of intragenic copy number breakpoints and identification of novel fusion genes in paediatric high grade gliomaCarvalho, Diana ; Mackay, Alan; Bjerke, Lynn; Grundy, Richard G.; Lopes, Celeste ; Reis, Rui M.; Jones, ChrisarticleopenAccess