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Abade, Augusto
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12011Allele frequencies of 6 STR loci (TH01, TPOX, CSF1PO, D13S317, D16S539 and D7S820) in São Tomé e Príncipe (West Africa)Manco, Licínio ; Silva, Isabel ; Arede, Pedro ; Jesus Trovoada, M. ; Abade, Augusto ; Alvarez, Manuela articleopenAccess
21999Distribution of AMY2 polymorphism in S. Tomé and Príncipe (West Africa)Manco, L. ; Trovoada, M. ; Abade, A. ; Amorim, A. articleopenAccess
32013Distribution of the − 13910C>T polymorphism in the general population of Portugal and in subjects with gastrointestinal complaints associated with milk consumptionManco, Licínio ; Pires, Sara ; Lopes, Ana Isabel ; Figueiredo, Ima ; Albuquerque, David ; Alvarez, Manuela ; Rocha, Jorge ; Abade, Augusto articleopenAccess
42008Estudo populacional de 6 STRs (TH01, TPOX, CSF1PO, D7S820, D13S317 e D16S539) na região Centro de PortugalManco, Licínio ; Arede, Pedro ; Silva, Isabel ; Alvarez, Manuela ; Abade, Augusto articleopenAccess
52001Evidence for population sub-structuring in São Tomé e Príncipe as inferred from Y-chromosome STR analysisTrovoada, M. J. ; Alves, C. ; Gusmão, L. ; Abade, A. ; Amorim, A. ; Prata, M. J. articleopenAccess
62003Genetic Structure and Origin of Peopling in The Azores Islands (Portugal): The View from mtDNASantos, C. ; Lima, M. ; Montiel, R. ; Angles, N. ; Pires, L. ; Abade, A. ; Aluja, Ma. P. articleopenAccess
71999HLA-G genetic polymorphism in 57 Portuguese white families studied by PCR-RFLP and PCR-SSOPAlvarez, M. ; Santos, P. ; Martinho, A. ; Simões, O. ; Abade, A. ; Brêda-Coimbra, H. articleopenAccess
82004Insights from pattern of mtDNA variation into the genetic history of São Tomé e PríncipeTrovoada, Maria Jesus ; Pereira, Luísa ; Gusmão, Leonor ; Abade, Augusto ; Amorim, António ; Prata, Maria João articleopenAccess
9Jun-2015Intragenic haplotype analysis of common HFE mutations in the Portuguese populationToste, Sandra ; Relvas, Luís ; Pinto, Catarina ; Bento, Celeste ; Abade, Augusto ; Ribeiro, M Letícia ; Manco, Licínio articleembargoedAccess
102004Pattern of mtDNA Variation in Three Populations from São Tomé e PríncipeTrovoada, M. J. ; Pereira, L. ; Gusmão, L. ; Abade, A. ; Amorim, A. ; Prata, M. J. articleopenAccess
112006Peopling, demographic history and genetic structure of the Azores Islands: Integrating data from mtDNA and Y-chromosomeSantos, Cristina ; Montiel, Rafael ; Bettencourt, Conceição ; Prata, M. João ; Abade, Augusto ; Aluja, M. Pilar ; Lima, Manuela articleopenAccess
122015Polymorphic variations influencing fetal hemoglobin levels: Association study in beta-thalassemia carriers and in normal individuals of Portuguese originPereira, Clara ; Relvas, Luís; Bento, Celeste; Abade, Augusto ; Ribeiro, M. Letícia; Manco, Licínio articleopenAccess
131997A tale of two islands: population history and mitochondrial DNA sequence variation of Bioko and São Tomé, Gulf of GuineaMateu, E. ; Comas, D. ; Calafell, F. ; Pérez-Lezaun, A. ; Abade, A. ; Bertranpetit, J. articleopenAccess
142013Y -chromosome diversity in central Portugal reveals signatures of ancient maritime expansionsMartiniano, Rui ; Feitosa, Yara ; Abade, Augusto ; Manco, Licínio articleopenAccess