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Paiva, Teresa
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12016Assessing sleep, travelling habits and jet lag in kite surfers according to competition levelSilva, Maria-Raquel G. ; Pascoal, António ; Silva, Hugo-Henrique ; Paiva, Teresa articleopenAccess
22014Low energy availability and low body fat of female gymnasts before an international competitionSilva, M.-R. G. ; Paiva, T. articleopenAccess
32015MON-PP171: The Neuroscience of Appetite and Food ChoicesSilva, M.-R.G. ; Gomes, F. ; Paiva, T. articleopenAccess
42015Poor precompetitive sleep habits, nutrients’ deficiencies, inappropriate body composition and athletic performance in elite gymnastsSilva, M.-R. G. ; Paiva, T. articleopenAccess
52015The progression model for initial teacher education and how to foster creativity in the classroomReis, Carlos Francisco de Sousa ; Paiva, Teresa ; Tracana, Rosa bookPartopenAccess