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Bicudo, P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12-Apr-2014Gluon screening mass at finite temperature from the Landau gauge gluon propagator in lattice QCDSilva, P. J. ; Oliveira, O. ; Bicudo, P. ; Cardoso, N. articleopenAccess
228-Dec-2015Lattice gluon propagator in renormalizable ξ gaugesBicudo, P. ; Binosi, D. ; Cardoso, N. ; Oliveira, O. ; Silva, P. J. articleopenAccess
31-Oct-2017Lattice QCD static potentials of the meson-meson and tetraquark systems computed with both quenched and full QCDBicudo, P. ; Cardoso, M. ; Oliveira, O. ; Silva, P.J articleopenAccess