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Gomes, Catarina A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Activation of microglia bolsters synapse formationCristovão, Gonçalo ; Pinto, Maria J. ; Cunha, Rodrigo A. ; Almeida, Ramiro D. ; Gomes, Catarina A. articleopenAccess
22018Adenosine A2A Receptor Blockade Modulates Glucocorticoid-Induced Morphological Alterations in Axons, But Not in Dendrites, of Hippocampal NeuronsPinheiro, Helena ; Gaspar, Rita ; Baptista, Filipa ; Fontes-Ribeiro, Carlos A. ; Ambrósio, Francisco ; Gomes, Catarina A. articleopenAccess
32003Anticancer Activity of Phenolic Acids of Natural or Synthetic Origin:  A Structure−Activity StudyGomes, Catarina A. ; Cruz, Teresa Girão da ; Andrade, José L. ; Milhazes, Nuno ; Borges, Fernanda ; Marques, M. Paula M. articleopenAccess
42015Depression as a Glial-Based Synaptic DysfunctionRial, Daniel ; Lemos, Cristina ; Pinheiro, Helena ; Duarte, Joana M. ; Gonçalves, Francisco Q. ; Real, Joana I. ; Prediger, Rui D.; Gonçalves, Nélio ; Gomes, Catarina A. ; Canas, Paula M. ; Agostinho, Paula articleopenAccess
52016Editorial: Glial Plasticity in DepressionOliveira, João F.; Gomes, Catarina A. ; Vaz, Sandra H.; Sousa, Nuno; Pinto, Luísa articleopenAccess
62023Neonatal testosterone voids sexually differentiated microglia morphology and behaviorSimões-Henriques, Carla Filipa ; Rodrigues-Neves, A. Catarina ; Sousa, Fábio J. ; Gaspar, Rita ; Almeida, Inês; Baptista, Filipa I. ; Ambrósio, António Francisco ; Gomes, Catarina A. articleopenAccess
7May-2021Resilience to stress and sex-specific remodeling of microglia and neuronal morphology in a rat model of anxiety and anhedoniaGaspar, Rita ; Soares-Cunha, Carina; Domingues, Ana Verónica; Coimbra, Bárbara; Baptista, Filipa I. ; Pinto, Luísa ; Ambrósio, António ; Rodrigues, Ana João ; Gomes, Catarina A. articleopenAccess
82014Role of microglia adenosine A(2A) receptors in retinal and brain neurodegenerative diseasesSantiago, Ana R. ; Baptista, Filipa I. ; Santos, Paulo ; Cristovão, Gonçalo ; Ambrósio, A. Francisco ; Cunha, Rodrigo A. ; Gomes, Catarina A. articleopenAccess
92022The Duration of Stress Determines Sex Specificities in the Vulnerability to Depression and in the Morphologic Remodeling of Neurons and MicrogliaGaspar, Rita ; Soares-Cunha, Carina; Domingues, Ana Verónica; Coimbra, Bárbara; Baptista, Filipa ; Pinto, Luísa ; Ambrósio, António ; Rodrigues, Ana-João ; Gomes, Catarina A. articleopenAccess