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Brás, Oriana Rainho
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Nov-2013Biographies of Objects and Narratives of Discovery in the Biomedical Sciences: The case of the Helicobacter pyloriNunes, João Arriscado ; Pereira, Tiago Santos ; Brás, Oriana ; Matos, Ana Raquel reportopenAccess
29-Oct-2017Oncology research in late twentieth century and turn of the century Portugal: a scientometric approach to its institutional and semantic dimensionsBrás, Oriana Rainho ; Cointet, Jean-Philippe ; Cambrosio, Alberto ; David, Leonor ; Nunes, João Arriscado ; Cardoso, Fátima ; Jerónimo, Carmen articleembargoedAccess
37-Jan-2013Percursos biossociais da tuberculose no Rio de JaneiroBrás, Oriana Rainho doctoralThesisopenAccess