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Santos-Silva, Alice
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Cumulative Mitoxantrone-Induced Haematological and Hepatic Adverse Effects in a Subchronic In vivo StudyRossato, Luciana G. ; Costa, Vera M. ; Dallegrave, Eliane ; Arbo, Marcelo ; Dinis-Oliveira, Ricardo J. ; Santos-Silva, Alice ; Duarte, José A. ; Bastos, Maria de Lourdes ; Palmeira, C. M. ; Remião, Fernando articleopenAccess
22001Dislipidemia and oxidative stress in mild and in severe psoriasis as a risk for cardiovascular diseaseRocha-Pereira, Petronila ; Santos-Silva, Alice ; Rebelo, Irene ; Figueiredo, Américo ; Quintanilha, Alexandre ; Teixeira, Frederico articleopenAccess
32013The antiestrogen 4-hydroxytamoxifen protects against isotretinoin-induced permeability transition and bioenergetic dysfunction of liver mitochondria: comparison with tamoxifenSilva, Filomena S. G. ; Ribeiro, Mariana P. C. ; Santos, M. S. ; Rocha-Pereira, Petronila ; Santos-Silva, Alice ; Custódio, José B. A. articleopenAccess
42008Voltammetric and DFT Studies on Viloxazine: Analytical Application to Pharmaceuticals and Biological FluidsGarrido, E. Manuela P. J. ; Garrido, Jorge M. P. J. ; Esteves, Mário ; Santos-Silva, Alice ; Marques, M. Paula M. ; Borges, Fernanda articleopenAccess