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Marcellan, F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12008Coherent pairs of linear functionals on the unit circleBranquinho, A. ; Moreno, A. Foulquié ; Marcellán, F. ; Rebocho, M. N. articleopenAccess
22008Hardy-type theorem for orthogonal functions with respect to their zeros. The Jacobi weight caseAbreu, L. D. ; Marcellan, F. ; Yakubovich, S. B. articleopenAccess
32010Relative asymptotics for orthogonal matrix polynomialsBranquinho, A. ; Marcellán, F. ; Mendes, A. preprintopenAccess
42009Vector interpretation of the matrix orthogonality on the real lineBranquinho, A. ; Marcellán, F. ; Mendes, A. preprintopenAccess
51998WKB Approximation and Krall-Type Orthogonal PolynomialsÁlvarez-Nodarse, R. ; Marcellán, F. ; Petronilho, J. articleopenAccess