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Sequeiros, Paula
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Paula Sequeiros is a researcher at the Centre of Social Studies (CES), University of Coimbra (U.C.). Her current research area is the intersectional field of information literacy, scientific writing and higher education libraries. She is also interested in ecofeminism. She has published several articles and chapters in the domains of cultural sociology and in the cross-disciplinary field of public libraries, reading and ICT. Engaged with Open Access to scientific publishing. Sequeiros developed her postdoc project “The library in time: libraries from the print, oral and digital paradigms at the CES”. Sequeiros education includes Degree in History, University of Porto (U.P.); Post-Grad. in Librarianship and Information Sciences, U.P.; Masters in Information Society and Knowledge, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, 2002-2004 - thesis “Spending time on the Internet: youth appropriations of the Net in a a public library space”; PhD in Sociology, U.P., 2010 - thesis “Reading a library in the inscriptions of readers, space and the Internet: uses and representations of the public library”. Co-coordinator of the Studies Group POSTRADE, CES. Trainer (2016-2020) and co-coordinator (2018-2020) in the CES advanced training “Publish do not Perish: Survive the Stampede” program, responsible for the session “Fraudulent publishing: Trust? Prestige? Power?”. Co-organiser of the program Readings in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, CES, oriented to the UC student and postgraduate community. She was a higher education teacher in Information Sciences, a head-librarian in corporations and in academic libraries. She was the editor for Portugal and a member of the Executive Board of the international disciplinary Repository e-LIS.
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12013Adozinda goes to the Feminine Reading Room: a segregated space for women in a Portuguese public library under a fascist stateSequeiros, Paula ; Passos, SóniabookopenAccess
22019Apresentação : Bibliotecas públicas, políticas culturais e leitura públicaMedeiros, Nuno ; Sequeiros, Paula ; Pereira, Cláudia de Sousa ; Dias, DéboraarticleopenAccess
3Apr-2019A atribulada criação da Biblioteca Pública de Braga e o seu arrojado bibliotecário limianoSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
42014Báez, Fernando (2013), Los primeros libros de la Humanidad: el mundo antes de la imprenta y el libro electrónicoSequeiros, Paula reviewopenAccess
52017Bárbara Virgínia, cineasta precursora em PortugalSequeira, Luísa ; Sequeiros, Paula conferenceObjectopenAccess
64-Oct-2013Bibliotecas públicas em tempos difíceisSequeiros, Paula otheropenAccess
72015Cabral, Maria Luísa (2014), A Real Biblioteca e os seus criadores: em Lisboa, 1755-1803Sequeiros, Paula reviewopenAccess
82017“Como um romance”: nascimento e atribulações da biblioteca moderna em BragaSequeiros, Paula conferenceObjectopenAccess
92019Cosas de mujeres: lectura y penitenciaríaSequeiros, Paula bookopenAccess
102022Dendadi, Mohamed; Soldini, Fabienne (org.) (2022), Lectures et écritures numériques: nouvelles formes, nouvelles pratiques?Sequeiros, Paula reviewopenAccess
112017Downey, Anthony (org.) (2015), Dissonant Archives. Contemporary Visual Culture and Competing Narratives in the Middle EastSequeiros, Paula reviewopenAccess
122017Esquecer Bárbara Virgínia? Uma cineasta precursora entre Portugal e o BrasilSequeiros, Paula ; Sequeira, Luísa articleopenAccess
132017Forget Bárbara Virgínia? A forerunner filmmaker between Portugal and BrazilSequeiros, Paula ; Sequeira, Luísa articleopenAccess
142018“Holding the Dream”: Women’s Favorite Reading Matter in a Portuguese PrisonSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
15Nov-2021A Investigação e a escrita: Publicar sem PerecerSequeiros, Paula ; Carvalho, Maria José; Capinha, Graça bookopenAccess
162019La proximidad y lo digital en la lectura pública: en El Fondo, una biblioteca de la ciudadSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
172020Lectura, género, penitenciaría: apuntes sobre metodología de una investigación cualitativaSequeiros, Paula bookPartopenAccess
182016Leitura na prisão feminina: da biblioteca ao questionamento dos gostosSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
192010Ler uma biblioteca nas inscrições de leitores, espaço e InternetSequeiros, Paula doctoralThesisopenAccess
209-Aug-2019Na Biblioteca Pública, Ler Por Prazer: Uma Mirada FeministaSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
212021Palavras como flores, conceitos como cercas: literacia da informação, desigualdades sociais no ensino superior [preprint]Sequeiros, Paula bookPartopenAccess
222014Public Library Representations and Internet AppropriationsSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
23Dec-2018Que faremos com estas bibliotecas?Sequeiros, Paula ; Medeiros, Nuno conferenceObjectopenAccess
242013Reading in Public Libraries: Space, Reading Activities, and User ProfilesSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
252017[review of] Library of Congress (2017), The Card Catalog: Books, Cards, and Literary TreasuresSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
262017[review of] Pearson, Wendey Gay e Knabe, Susan (org.), Reverse Shots: Indigenous Film and Media in an International ContextSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
272016The 25th of April Documentation Centre: recording a colonial past and enabling emancipatory researchSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
282017The Sámi Library, North of the North: colonialism, resistance and reading in a public librarySequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess
292011The social weaving of a reading atmosphereSequeiros, Paula articleopenAccess